Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Terrorists were walking around, searching for people to kill

I was also there. I too went through the horrors that thousands of youths went through.

Terrorists were walking around, searching for people to kill

I was also there.

I too went through the horrors that thousands of youths went through.

I too was surprised to suddenly be shot at and attacked. All you could see is people running all over the place trying to hide and escape as quickly as possible.

I first noticed the rifle shots, everybody started running and no one understood what was going on. I lost contact with Dolev, my little brother, and it was like seeing black without him. I felt so weak and still that I must protect my life at all cost.

Two friends of mine and I jumped inside the car and didn’t know what to do, when suddenly a speeding car hit us and three other cars. I got out to figure out what had happened. I found out that the driver had been shot in the leg. Me and some other people took care of her and I found myself putting a tourniquet on her leg while being fired at.

Afterwards we successfully loaded her onto an ambulance to evacuate her. After that I tried to find my friends again, but failed due to the burst of fire that was shot at us.

So, there I was all alone, without my friend and my brother, without knowing anything about how they were, where they were. I was still in the party area, finding myself hiding under cars and constantly changing location, because the terrorists were walking around searching for people to shoot at. I saw them, but luckily, they didn’t see me.

When I was a few meters from them, I saw a large group of people running toward me and I started running with them. As we were running, the bullets whistled beside our heads, hitting people.

You are not sure what to do, you just keep on running like crazy. After a while we found a bush and seven of us just lay there for about eight or nine hours. We had no water, a low battery on our cellphones and were all alone with no one but ourselves to count on.

After a long time we heard soldiers talking near us in Hebrew and asked them if they were from the Israeli forces. They replied they were the Israeli forces, we were over thrilled with joy, but afraid because we were still being fired at. The Israeli soldiers asked the men to take off their shirts and all of us to walk with our hands up in the air, so the IDF will would shoot at us by mistake.

We were rescued from the party area where the most atrocious things I ever witnessed have happened. Unfortunately, the IDF took us behind a tank that was being shot at. But we weren’t petrified because we had the soldiers protecting us. After a few hours some military armored vehicles took us to safety. While driving to a more secured location we saw all the horrors that are better not be described. You can use your imagination.

After a long time of not being sure if I would get out of there alive or not, and without saying goodbye to anyone, I met my two friends. Together we were thrilled to be out of danger, yet still broken with sadness from all the sights that we had seen and were worried about our friends that hadn’t been rescued yet. Luckily after a while they were rescued as well.

I would like to tell the missing persons families, don’t lose hope for a second! We have a strong army! We have God that is always with us and looking out for us, even in rough times!

I would like to thank the IDF and other security forces, for without them I wouldn’t be alive! I would also like to thank God for protecting me all along.

I hope we’ll have better days to come, it is time to fight them!


Dor B.