Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Ohad and Raz Ben Ami

Ohad (72) and Raz (57) , Kibbutz Be’eri

Ohad and Raz Ben Ami

Ohad (72) and Raz (57) had happily raised their family in Kibbutz Be’eri where they moved from Modiin shortly after getting married. Happily until Saturday October 7th when Hamas terrorists took them hostage into Gaza. According to their daughter Yulia, her mom sent her a message around 9:30 that morning telling her terrorists were trying to break into their house. Shortly after she texted again telling her daughter the terrorists had entered the house and were breaking everything. She was scared. A few minutes after 10am, Ohad sent Yulia a message telling her the terrorists had been able to enter the shelter. “They caught us”, he said. 

Ohad and Raz had always wanted to live in Kibbutz Be’eri, where Raz was born, so as soon as a home became available, the then young family didn’t think about it twice and moved. 

Ohad is the kibbutz’ accountant. He is balanced and serious, but also has a great sense of humor according to his daughter Ella. He likes to ride his bike on the weekends with his friends. They stop for coffee and talk about life. 

Raz is described by her daughter Ella as positive, committed to her family, and creative. She’s moved from one creative activity to another in recent years: painting, jewelry, dream catchers, macramé…she recently started volunteering to teach arts and crafts to seniors from the kibbutz. Raz also loves plants. Her home, now destroyed by terrorists, was a greenhouse, full of potted plants to which she spoke as if they were her children. 

For the past 13 years Raz has battled a chronic illness that causes her great pain, brain and spinal lesions. Always optimistic, Raz turned her frequent doctor’s appointment into dates with her husband. 

Even when dealing with severe pain, Raz loves hosting her family for shabbat dinner, baking challah with her daughters and cooking up a storm.