Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Mia Schem

Mia Schem, 16

Mia Schem

21 year old Mia was taken hostage by Hamas from the Nova music festival where she had been dancing and having fun over the weekend. She is a French Israeli citizen who lives in Shoham, one of four siblings, and a creative, beautiful and special girl as described by her mother. She loves to cook, paint and was learning to make tattoos. She is “like a little mother” to her younger brothers and sisters, shared her mother Keren. 

According to others who were at the festival, Mia and her friends apparently quickly got in a car to flee the music festival as soon as the first rockets started raining down, but Hamas terrorists shot at the car’s tires, forcing them to get out. Mia’s mom shared that Mia sent a Whatsapp message to a friend in which she wrote “They’re shooting at us, Please, come save us!”

On October 16th, Hamas released a video of Mia in which she says she is in Gaza, that she has received medical treatment for an injury in her hand and is being given medicine, and she pleads to be returned home as quickly as possible to her family.