Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Karina Ariev

Karina Ariev,19

Karina Ariev

19 year old Karina was abducted by Hamas whilst serving on an army base in the south of Israel. She was filmed screaming in the back of a truck as she was taken hostage, minutes after calling her family to tell them “if I die – live your lives to the fullest”.

Karina Ariev’s family discovered she had been taken by militants that stormed Israel in a surprise attack on Saturday after finding video footage of her kidnap on Telegram.

In the footage, 19-year-old Karina, can be seen in the back of a truck alongside other hostages, with blood running down her face. The footage shows her screaming before it pans away. The family shared the footage with Israeli authorities, who later confirmed her abduction.

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