Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Hersh Goldberg-Polin

Hersh Goldberg-Polin, 23, Jerusalem

Hersh Goldberg-Polin

Hersh was born in Berkley, California. His parents are from Chicago, as are both of Hersh’s grandmas. He moved to Israel from the United States at seven years old and now lives in Jerusalem. He finished his required military service just six months ago, and had been spending the last few months working as a medic for school trips. He was saving money to travel and has been long looking forward to doing a backpacking trip in Southern Asia. He spent the summer trekking through Europe, where he also attended many raves as a lover of music.


He has plans to attend university. His father describes him as someone who can put a smile on anyone’s face, funny and witty. The night before his abduction, he spent the Simchat Torah holiday with his religious family in Jerusalem. They hugged and kissed him goodbye, unsure of where he was going. 

When Hersh’s mother woke up to sirens Satruday, October 7th, she worried about her son and checked her phone. She found two messages from Hersh at 8:11 a.m: I love you, I’m sorry. This prompted Hersh’s family to search for him, and they were able to deduce that he and his friend Aner Shapira celebrated Hersh’s 23rd birthday at the “Nova” music festival in Southern Israel, which was attacked by Hamas terrorists. From inquiring they were able to find a picture of Hersh in a shelter Saturday morning with Aner, and through eyewitness testimony, they deduced a picture of what happened: The terrorists came with gunfire, approached the shelter door and threw grenades into the shelter. Aner was able to successfully throw many grenades back at the terrorists until he was unfortunately killed.

Hersh’s arm was blown off, and he tied a tourniquet of his own making around his arm. From there, Hersh was kidnapped into Gaza. The last traces of his phone signal were located around the Gaza border. Hersh’s family; father Jonathan, mother Rachel, and sisters Orly and  Libby, are taking his story to multiple media outlets around the world. They are very worried given that Hersh is critically injured and needs immediate medical attention. 


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