Over 1,400 Israelis Were Murdered

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Amit Shani

Amit Shani, 16 , Be’eri

Amit Shani

Amit is 16 years old and the second of four siblings. He loves football and is a big fan of Juventus. He likes to skateboard and play the guitar. According to his dad, Amit loves to barbecue and always makes sure the meat is prepared properly. He is a quiet and sweet boy who studies cinema at school and recently received a certificate of excellence for his studies. 

On Friday evening, after spending some time with his dad, Amit went to sleep at his mother’s house in Kibbutz Be’eri just a few meters away. The next day, Amit was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists who smashed the glass door at the back of the house and broke into the home’s shelter. At first he tried to resist, but when his mom pleaded for him not to, he put his hands up. He was last seen shoved into a black car.